How will I know if my HotDoc booking is confirmed?

Upon making a HotDoc booking, you may find that your appointment has not been automatically confirmed. If this is the case, you may see the following screen at the end of your request:


If you have an appointment awaiting confirmation, it will appear as grey in the Appointments section of your app or browser:


Sometimes this may occur due to a short delay in confirming your appointment and upon refreshing your browser or app, you may find the booking is successfully showing as confirmed in the Appointments section.

This can also occur if you have provided some details that the clinic may need to check manually. Once they have done this on their end, you should also see a confirmation of your booking, if successful, in the Appointments section:



Confirmed appointments will also receive an email from HotDoc, with the subject line 'Appointment Confirmed':



If your online booking has not been confirmed, and it is nearing your appointment time, you may need to contact your clinic to ask them to manually check the appointment you've requested.

To contact your clinic, please phone their reception team to discuss your enquiry. Simply tap on the disclosure arrow next to the clinic name in the Appointments tab and tap Call:





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