Book an appointment in advance?

HotDoc online appointments are available to be requested up to two months in advance. 

  1. Go to!/clinics
  2. Input your postcode
  3. Select your clinic
  4. Select if you have visited this clinic before
  5. Select your Appointment type
  6. Choose your Doctor and appointment time

You will come to this screen which has appointments available this week, November 2015: 

To select an appointment that is in advance, select the grey arrow in the top right hand corner of the date and time table, to go forward one week at a time to select the time and date in advance that you require:

You can click forward, one week at a time and up to two months in advance, and select the appointment date and time that you require. 

The final step after selecting your appointment is to select if this appointment is for you or a dependant.

You have now completed your advance booking request.  Please check the status of your booking in the "My Bookings" section of the website, you will also receive a confirmation email when your booking has been accepted - is my advanced booking request confirmed? 


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