Can I book a specific type of appointment?

You may find that you require an appointment for a specific issue when booking online. Most clinics will offer a 'standard appointment' option which may be appropriate for most issues, but sometimes they may also offer more specialised appointments for their patients to select from.

You will be asked to select an appointment type option when booking with your chosen practitioner. In the image below, Dr Ivor Cure has a number of different appointment types available for booking, but has not been set to accept online bookings for 'Skin Check' or 'Acupuncture':


Appointment types that are available to be booked online are chosen and set by the clinic.

If the appointment type you wish to make is not listed as an option to choose online, please also contact your preferred Clinic via phone to request this appointment type. 

If you are making a booking for an issue that may require more time than a standard consultation, and a longer appointment option is not shown online, you may also need to contact your clinic via phone to request this.

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