Setting your preferred doctor or clinic

The HotDoc mobile apps allow you to select your preferred clinic and doctor so that you don't need to search for them each time you book. 

To add a preferred clinic and doctor please follow the steps below:

1. Open the HotDoc app and click on Search Providers:


2. Search for your preferred clinic or practitioner by name:


3. Tap on your clinic or provider to open their profile and then tap on "Add to Favourites" under their picture:


4. Once you have set the clinic as a favourite, the heart under their photo will turn a solid green colour:


5. Once you have saved a preferred clinic or doctor, they will appear on the home screen of your app under "My Usual Providers" so that you can easily tap into their profile to book:


6. Please note, if you wish to remove a saved clinic or practitioner, please open their profile again and tap the "Favourite" button below their photo again. The heart will turn white and the option will change to "Add to Favourites" again.

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