Push notification reminders

 HotDoc is proud to present our new service - push notifications! 


Push notifications provide an easy and efficient way for patients to confirm their upcoming appointments. 

A push notification is a message sent direct to a patient’s phone through the HotDoc app. Push notifications are seen as a secure form of communication from clinics to patients as appointment reminders are sent to logged in HotDoc users, rather than via text to a phone number. 

HotDoc users who have opted in for push notifications will receive their HotDoc reminder, in the form of an app notification 24 hours before their appointment. When clicked, this notification will open a link within the HotDoc app where patients are either able to confirm or cancel their appointment. 




To opt into receiving push notifications, simply go into your HotDoc App > Notifications > Enable push notifications > Allow.



You will need to make sure that you have notifications enabled on your device before you can turn on your HotDoc push notifications. You can do this via your device settings > HotDoc > Notifications. 




 If you require any further assistance - Please contact us at help@hotdoc.com.au


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