How to Order a Repeat Prescription or Referral

HotDoc Repeats is a service that offers patients the option to request repeat prescriptions for regular medications or referrals for regularly attended Specialist appointments. If your clinic uses HotDoc Repeats you may find the option to request these on their online booking page. 


How to Order a Repeat Prescription or Referral

1. Look for these buttons at the top of your clinics booking page and select the relevant option:



2. This will take you to a new page to begin your request. Click Let's Get Started.


3. Once you've agreed to your clinics terms and conditions, you can choose your preferred delivery method. Please note that options and costs may vary from clinic to clinic:


4. You can then select your doctor and if this request is for yourself or someone else. You then need to select if you are a new or existing patient. Please note that some clinics do not accept online requests for new patients.

5. Next, you will enter your details. You do not need a HotDoc account to request a repeat prescription or referral:



6. You can then request your script(s)/referral and add any additional notes for your doctor:




7. Once you’ve done this, you need to confirm that your details are correct and proceed to the payment portal. To complete your order, click the Pay button:



8. Once you’ve completed your payment, your request will be sent to the clinic to be approved. You will receive an e-mail letting you know that the request was successful. You should then be notified via e-mail when your request has been approved or denied by the clinic.


For any additional questions, please view our Repeats FAQ.


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