Mobile Check-in

You can now check in to your medical appointment on your phone using the HotDoc Mobile App!

Skip the reception queue by opening the HotDoc app, finding today’s appointment in the Appointment tab, and clicking "Check in now".  To learn more, read the following article to view instructions on how to check in and some tips if it's not working as expected. 

Here’s how it works!

  1. You'll receive a push notification when it’s time to check-in, so make sure you
    have them enabled in the app:


  2. When you arrive at the clinic, open the Appointments tab and click Check in now:


  3. We’ll ask permission to access your location for this check-in and you’ll need to allow this to continue:


  4. Confirm your details, or a family members details if you’ve booked on their behalf:


  5. That’s it! If you see the below screen, you’re now checked in and can take a seat instead of standing in a queue:



Did something go wrong?

There are a few reasons your check-in may not work as expected:

  1. You’re too far away.
    You need to be at the clinic to check-in, so wait until you’ve arrived and try again

  2. Your details don’t match those on file with the clinic, or your medicare card has expired.
    Talk to reception to make sure these are up to date and complete your check-in. You’ll then be able to use mobile check-in for your next appointment


Can’t see a “Check in now” button?

First, make sure you have updated to the latest version of the HotDoc app from the App Store or Google Play. If you still can’t see the Check-in now button your clinic may not offer mobile check-in, and you’ll need to check-in at reception or via a Kiosk if the clinic uses this too.


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