How do I add or remove a favourite clinic or practitioner?

When using the HotDoc app you may notice certain clinics or practitioners are saved on your homepage. We will save any clinics/practitioners you have previously booked with using HotDoc as a favourite so that you can easily book with them again. You can also add other clinics/practitioners or remove them if you'd like. 

How to Add a Favourite


  1. To add a new favourite, first search for your clinic or practitioner and select them to view their profile:


  2. Tap on Add to favourites underneath their name:


  3. This will then show that practitioner or clinic on your homepage in the app:



How to Remove a Favourite

  1. To remove an existing favourite, simply select the clinic/practitioner you would like to remove to view their profile.

  2. Tap on Favourite next to the heart icon beneath their name. This will then deselect the icon and remove them from your homepage:



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