What is a SMS Reminder?

Why did I receive an SMS?

If your clinic uses HotDoc SMART Reminders, you may find yourself receiving an SMS reminding you about your upcoming appointment.  

What does this look like?

You will receive an SMS from a mobile number that HotDoc uses for our appointment reminder service

Please note that the SMS you receive may differ from the one shown below as the message can be customised directly by your clinic.



If your SMS Reminder has a link to click to confirm, you can do so on your smart phone. However, if you do not own a smart phone, you can also copy the link into a web browser on a computer or tablet to view your reminder page. Alternatively, some clinics may also offer the option to reply directly to the message with a Yes or No.

How can I confirm?

To confirm your appointment with your clinic via the SMS, click into the link provided, or follow the instructions in the SMS message.

If you click into the link, you'll be directed to your reminder page where you can confirm your appointment:



Tapping Yes, I'm coming will confirm your booking at the clinic. After confirming your appointment, you may see some information relating to our mobile app, or health services provided by your clinic specifically:



How can I cancel?

If your clinic offers the option to cancel via the SMS Reminder, you can tap the No, I can't make it button. From here you will see the option to confirm your cancellation:


Tapping Yes, cancel appointment will then cancel your booking with your clinic. You will then be taken to the cancellation confirmation page where you can reschedule for another time if needed:





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