Why did I receive an email confirming an appointment I booked?

What did I receive?

If you recently made an appointment with your clinic, you may have received an email that looks similar to the example below:




Why did I receive this?

If you have received an email from HotDoc confirming an appointment made directly with your clinic, this has been sent to you on behalf of your clinic who uses our services.

These emails are automatically sent as a courtesy for any appointment at the clinic regardless of whether it was booked using HotDoc or directly at the clinic. The purpose of these emails are to

  • confirm your booking
  • provide any additional information such as access to a digital New Patient Registration form

Can I opt out of receiving these emails?

If you would prefer not to receive these email, you can unsubscribe via the link at the bottom of the email or by letting your clinic know that you'd like to opt out of this kind of communication.

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