How to Create a HotDoc account

To make a booking at a clinic using HotDoc, you will firstly need to create a HotDoc account.

  • The email address you register must be unique. If your email address has already been used to create another account, you will see a message to say that email has 'already been taken'. In this case you can regain access to this account by resetting the password.

  • We will send a verification code to your mobile phone by SMS. Successfully entering this code back into the registration form lets your clinic know that your mobile number is correct and contactable.

  • Your surname and DOB entered in HotDoc is matched to your record at your practice. To ensure they have the correct match, and there are no delays in confirming your appointment, please ensure your surname and DOB are entered correctly.
ⓘ What do I need for a HotDoc Account?


How to create your HotDoc Account

  1. Head to the sign up page, or click Create an account under the Appointments tab in the app.

  2. Enter your email address and the password of your choosing, then select 'I agree to Terms & Conditions'


  3. Following this, select Continue. This will take you to the next page to input your name and other details. Enter your mobile number:


  4. Click Send SMS and check your mobile for your SMS Verification code:     

  5. Enter this code in the Enter Code input box and select Create Account:

  6. If successful, you will now see the below screen, welcoming you to HotDoc, and your initials in the top right corner. This means you are logged in and ready to start making your online booking!

    Booking an appointment



Check out this video snippet to see how it's all done!




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