Booking an appointment

Booking on the web

  1. Navigate to
  2. Search for your preferred medical clinic or practitioner, or you can search by location
  3. Select 'Book appointment' in the upper left corner of the page and answer each question to see the clinic's available appointment times

  4. After selecting your desired appointment time, if you aren't currently logged in you will be prompted to either log in or create a new HotDoc account
  5. After selecting your appointment and confirming your details, your request will go through to the clinic.
    Your request will generally be accepted automatically, but there may be times when it needs to be manually confirmed by the clinic. In these cases you will notified by email when your booking has been accepted, or if it has been declined.
  6. You can see that status of any of your past or upcoming appointments in your account




Booking on iPhone and Android


  1. Open App
  2. Select 'Search providers'
  3. If location settings are on, the nearest clinics will display OR you can search by clinic name.
  4. Select your clinic
  5. Select if you have visited this clinic before
  6. Select your Appointment type
  7. Choose your Doctor and appointment time
  8. Select if this appointment is for you or a family member
  9. Finalise your booking

    If you wish to create another booking afterwards for a family member, you can do so by tapping back to the 'Make a Booking' page, selecting your clinic and Doctor and either choosing a saved Family Member profile or answering 'No' when asked 'Are you booking this appointment for yourself' - Booking for a Family Member


You have now completed your booking request.  Please check the status of your booking in the "My Bookings" section of the website, you will also receive a confirmation email when your booking has been accepted. - How will I know if my booking is successful?


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